The exhibit hall at any large industry conference is one of those places. In it, the interests of three different groups of people meet, intersect, and sometimes, unfortunately, clash.

When it comes to numbers of booths, the color of the carpets, how much to charge for what size of booth, etc., that stuff is the science. When it comes to managing expectations and meeting the needs of the disparate ‘shareholders’ as it were, that is the art.

I’ve been to many, many exhibit halls in many markets, as speaker, presenter, event host (too many times to count) as well as just plain attendee. It’s really magic when both the art and science of the hall come together and I can tell you that it’s harder to achieve than it looks. For the most part, it’s the art side that gets neglected.

Here are some tips to increase your chances of knocking it out of the park:

(1) Let it flow.

Traffic is essential to making an exhibit hall hum. At best, the hall takes on an ‘electric’ aspect, 오나홀 and people wander through not just to ‘check out the booths’ as if ticking off an item on their ‘make the conference worthwhile’ checklist. They go back to the hall because that’s where the excitement is – like the midway at the carnival, the cafeteria in the office building, or the commercials during superbowl. If the talks and presentations at a conference are the bones, the exhibit hall and the flow of traffic in and out of it are like the connective tissue that make the bones work.