Biofuel News – Trashing the Production of Alternative Energy     
In Kansas, one group of college kids may be making biofuel news history. The waste from a local treatment plant is being used to create a renewable alternative fuel that may be the next huge discovery in alternative energy. At the source of the biofuel news is algae. These hungry organisms are willing to eat and clean pollutants Alternative News   from waste water and return oil that can be used to produce one of the cleanest energy sources on the planet.
As is the case with much of the biofuel news, there is money to be made if this form of alternative energy were to prove viable in the marketplace. For this reason, Exxon is taking a large stake in the power of algae. With $600 million, research and development of potential energy being created from floating organisms will move along swiftly. According to an Exxon spokesperson, the support of this and other research is necessary to meet the growing energy needs of the world.
When comparing the potential output of energy from various forms of alternative sources, algae is at the top of the list. The oil would be converted to biodiesel which is commonly used I trucks. Newer hybrid cars are also supporting biodiesel as a primary fuel choice. Corn yields about 18 gallons of oil per acre and soybeans about 48 gallons. The algae, however, have the potential to yield 5,000 gallons of oil per acre which makes them the best biofuel news story this year and the next few years it seems.