Here’s What You’ll Get in an Android TV Device


The entire world is buzzing about Android TV devices nowadays. So, if you’re wondering what’s so special about them, you’ve reached the right place. This article deals on elaborating on android tv device and what content you’ll get in it. Keep reading to learn more about the insights.

Promising Variety of Content in an Android TV Device

Let’s see what stuff you’ll get in geniatech android tv box:

  • You can install your apps on the box from the internet since it runs on Android OS.
  • The secondary SDK support allows advanced users to tweak certain settings to customize based on their taste and preferences.
  • Video on demand means you can let the box pull the content from the internet as wanted.
  • Access the video content websites as it can let you access the internet right on your TV.

General Technical Specifications That Make it a Perfect Android Box

  • Latest Android OS.
  • Quad Core CPU with up to 2.0GHz frequency.
  • Built-in GPU for better graphics processing and aided video output.
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatibility for wireless data transmission.
  • LAN support.
  • HDMI, RJ45, USB3.0, OTG, Micro SD card slot, DC power adaptor connector, and IR connectors.

Exciting Features For A Smooth Entertainment Session

There are certain features that geniatech android tv devices offer in order to achieve a hassle-free and enjoyable entertainment session.

1. Low Power Consumption

Low power consumption means you don’t have to worry about electricity bills even after long entertainment sessions. plug in this awesome box to your TV and start watching your favorite content in a few seconds. The DC power input means it uses minimum electricity which won’t be a burden on your electricity bill.

2. Provision For Cooling The Device

Electronic devices heat up too quickly, which can leave irreversible damage to them if used for long sessions. Watching something on a TV means you’ll spend a few hours. This can heat up your android tv device but geniatech has made some provision to keep the device cool. The devices feature a honeycomb design, which is capable of ejecting hot air out of the box to keep it cool. Your device will keep functioning perfectly no matter how much you use it.

3. Fantastic Audio Output

Merely perfect video output ain’t enough. People want blockbuster and crystal clear audio and that’s exactly what you’ll get in geniatech android tv devices. They allow TVs’ audio system to mimic surround sound system, so you get the perfect feel of the content. With built-in dolby audio support, you’ll get a perfect feel of immersive audio at your home without investing in an expensive audio system separately.

4. Where to Buy The Perfect Android TV Device?

Want to buy an android tv box? Geniatech is the way to go. It’ll offer promising devices with top-notch quality and there’s no way you’ll be unsatisfied with the purchase. There are tons of options to choose from so never run out of product suggestions.


By the end of this article, you’ve learned why the world loves android tv devices and you’ve also got a perfect brand for that i.e. geniatech. The next thing to do is to buy a product for yourself and get started with an awesome content watching experience. Go ahead and grab a tv device today!

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