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With so many projectors available in the market, it becomes quite a hectic matter to decide on one. However, if you are looking for a projector to play games on, very few have as good a performance as Vankyo projectors, which is available on Among all their models, there is one – the Vankyo E30 projector that is better than its other models if you are looking for a projector to play games on. It has many features that many gamers wish for. Let us look at a few of its features and why it is really a great choice for gamers and movie-lovers alike.

Features Of Vankyo Leisure E30 Native Gaming Projector

Check out these features of the Vankyo Leisure E30 Native projector, that makes it a perfect choice for gaming.

1. FHD Stunning Picture

This projector offers great display quality with a 400:1 picture contrast ratio, LED light technology adapted from Germany, and improved color engine. It can display images and videos with up to 1920*1080 native resolution.

2. Hassle Free 5G Wi-Fi Connection

The projector comes with hassle-free 5G Wi-Fi connection that helps you connect to your iOS or Android devices wirelessly. You can easily cast movies, videos, or games from your smartphone or other devices which support Wi-Fi display.

3. 50 Degree Screen Correction And Zooming

The projector comes with an extensive 50 degree screen correction feature. You can easily adjust and align images automatically just using the remote.

The Vankyo Leisure E30 allows users to zoom the screen up to 50% of the original size. So, depending on your requirements and display screen size, you can easily zoom in or zoom out by 50% of the original picture or video size. All this can be done with just a few presses of the remote button.

4. Can Throw Big Screens

Unlike most conventional projectors, the Vankyo Leisure E30 has quite a short throw for big screens. It has a throw rate of 1.35:1, with a capacity of projecting 4x size of any traditional TV screen of up to 60”, that too with a 20% shorter throw distance.

5. Astonishing Design with A Light Wight Body

The Vankyo Leisure E30 Native has been manufactured with an advanced internal stacking design. It uses materials of superior quality and has been made with sophisticated craftsmanship to weigh at least 40% less than other conventional projectors.

Best All-In-One Home Entertainment Solution

The Vankyo Leisure E30 Native really is the best all-in-one home entertainment solution. Be it watching your favorite TV show, or movies, or streaming a live sport event, or even playing games, this projector can do it all. The wireless connectivity feature makes it easy to connect to your phone, PC or even to the internet. You can cast what you want to view, or simply stream from the internet. With its Full HD LCD display chip, enjoy gaming and watching movies on the big screen whenever you want. The sound cavity design, as well as the strong volume output gives a really enjoyable and immersive user experience. There is simply no alternative for a all-in-one home entertainment solution!


If you have always wanted a great projector for all your home entertainment solutions, the Vankyo Leisure E30 Native is surely worth a try. Packed with a lot of modern features, it is best for playing games on the big screen. If you wish to have an immersive and great gaming experience, then this is definitely worth a try!

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