Tips on Using a Car USB Charger


Car USB chargers are trifling, but in reality, they are lifesavers. They come in handy when your phone’s battery dies and there’s no time to charge. Today, you’ll learn about various kinds of car chargers and their correct use.

Carelessness may cause irreplaceable damages to your car’s battery and, ultimately, your phone. Without any further ado, let’s get into the dos and don’ts.

Types of Car Chargers

Car USB chargers vary from model to model. The basic distinction starts with if you have a plugged USB car charger or a cabled one.

Cabled models are not very common, as they don’t offer multiple connections like plug multi USB car charger. As the name explains, cabled USB car chargers have a dedicated cable for charging only one peripheral device. You can charge a device with a Type-C charging port or a micro USB cable. It can’t charge two devices.

On the other hand, the wireless pluggable USB car charger offers more ports. Hence, you can charge two to three devices conveniently. Fortunately, UGREEN is aware of the limited pros of the cabled car USB chargers and offers only the plug USB car chargers due to their versatility.

Things to Keep In Mind When Using a Car USB Charger

USB car chargers take power directly from the vehicle’s battery. Therefore, you must keep some precautionary steps in mind when using them. Otherwise, they may be hazardous.

1. Keeping the Charger Plugged In Is Not Ideal

Modern-day cars are somehow resistant, as their batteries tend to cope with the low current ignition that powers the charger. However, keeping your USB car chargers plugged in is not ideal for older cars.

USB car chargers need a current supply to the output current. If you have an older car, keeping the current on will drain your battery. Therefore, it is best to charge your device when the engine is fully operating.

2. Take Care of Hot Conditions

USB car chargers tend to get hot in the hot seasons. Overheating may damage your car battery and your mobile device as well. Therefore, you should use it in intervals or invest in a good USB car charger. UGREEN has the best USB car chargers that prevent power surges and high-temperature damage at all costs.

3. Never Pull the Charger Out By Pulling the Cable

If you use a cabled USB car charger, jerking its cable will likely cause damage. For safety, unplug the charger by pulling it from the base.

4. Don’t Leave the Car Charger Plugged In

Some users like to avoid the hassle of plugging and unplugging the car charger repeatedly. This may be convenient temporarily, but it will damage your charger. When idle, plug out the charger and put it in the convertible pocket of the car.


Buying an expensive car USB charger doesn’t end the process. You also have to ensure some safety measures. Using a USB car charger carelessly damages your car and your device. Although, companies like UGREEN make the best car chargers. But safety measures are necessary to get good at its best and prevent the bad.

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