The Most Common Mistakes People Make With Pressure Washer


If you are planning to buy or already have a pressure washer, whether for personal or commercial use, some common mistakes can be made. A pressure cleaner is a powerful piece of equipment that needs to be treated with the respect it deserves. This article looks at some of the most common mistakes people make when using electric and gasoline-powered machines.

A gas pressure washer uses a small engine to power the water pump, most commonly an electric motor, although some models use a petrol engine. In both cases, the operator must have a good deal of knowledge before using the machine. Serious injuries can occur if safety procedures are not followed and instructions are not carefully read.

Most Common Mistakes People Make with Pressure Washer:

1. Not enough pressure to clean properly

All pressure washers have a maximum cleaning capability at the machine’s optimum setting. If you are not getting enough water flow out of your device, turn down the nozzle until it’s running at full power again.

2. Too much pressure to clean properly

It’s important to remember that too much water pressure can cause damage to any surfaces you’re trying to clean. If you are using the right tools and not working, lower your pressure or push a different nozzle.

3. Not enough fuel to run the machine

Ensure your pressure washer has enough gas before turning it on; otherwise, it will sputter and miss when you need it most. Remember that engine parts can also be damaged by running them out of gas.

4. Not enough awareness of the “Quiet Zones.”

Most people are familiar with rules about running a gasoline-powered pressure washer, but many do not know that noise restrictions also apply to electric motors. Know your local laws before using electronic pressure cleaning equipment in restricted areas, or you could get fined.

5. No eye or ear protection while using a pressure washer

Protecting yourself while operating any power tool is essential, but it is necessary with high-pressure washing equipment. Eye and ear protection are musts when you’re on the job because of the risk of getting sprayed in the face or ears with water or chemicals.

6. Not checking the nozzle properly before starting up the machine

It’s easy to get distracted when you start a pressure washer, but it’s essential to check all cleaning tools for blockages or other possible problems. Checking the nozzle will ensure that your machine sprays correctly and maximizes its power.

7. Operating electric pressure washer in wet conditions

Electrical tools should never be used in the rain or while standing in puddles of water. Even if you’re using an industrial-strength outlet, make sure your unit is completely dry before use to protect yourself and the machine from damage caused by potential electrical shorts.

8. Electric Machines

Too high a setting on the machine will cause spaying of water over-spray so splashing back onto the surface area being cleaned messing up tools – stop immediately and turn down! There is no need to run your machine any higher than necessary so adjust settings accordingly.

There are several different types of nozzle openings available, with each designed to do specific jobs, e.g. if your nozzle is making the surface you are working on too wet, turn it down to a more gentle spray! When doing the job of cleaning, check that surfaces are protected with plastic sheeting where necessary.

9. Gasoline Machines

Before starting up your machine, ensure you have enough fuel before turning it on to avoid the engine being starved of gas and then missing or spluttering when you want maximum pressure. While some machines can run for extended periods at a lower setting, please do not use the device for much longer than it is designed to prevent overheating.

With a gasoline pressure washer, you sometimes have a choke setting that should be opened before starting up. As soon as the engine starts to sound right, then quickly close the choke off, or you will get smoking and stinking of gas. Ensure that the lance and hose are adequately secured and fully extended before starting the machine up.

Final Words – The Most Common Mistakes People Make with Pressure Washer

Pressure washing is essential for exterior cleaning, roof cleaning, driveway cleaning, etc. If done correctly, you can get rid of dangerous mould or mildew accumulated on your Patio, Driveway, Carpet etc. but remember to be careful when using it around people’s houses by taking precautions like wearing goggles while working or not having it turned on when not in use.

It is essential for safety reasons to use ear and eye protection when using high-pressure devices. If your job requires you to use pressure washing tools that are not working correctly, adjust the nozzle or turn the machine down. Never work with an electrical device in wet conditions.

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