Is It Okay To Swap Acer Laptop Batteries


Acer Laptop Batteries are the heart of the computer system- they provide power to the device, thus allowing a laptop to work without a power cord. A 7800 mAH capacity, a nominal voltage of 11.1 V- that’s the excellence of the Acer Battery. With batteries that die in just a few minutes, these amazing batteries have been the audience’s favorite because of its amazing battery life of over 14 hours of full charge. Isn’t it surprising?  In case you do end up damaging the battery, which is close to impossible, Acer often offers a 3-year warranty with its battery- so you could have it fixed in no time.

Scrolling below, you will be able to find answers to most of your questions. Maybe these answers might give your device and battery a longer shelf life.

Can I Swap Acer Laptop Batteries With Other Models?

Each battery is unique and special, just like you! Unfortunately, or fortunately, you cannot swap your Acer laptop battery with ones of other models. Many computer specialists have explored around with this topic and have strictly restrained people from changing batteries with other models.

Why Not Swap Batteries?

Ever heard of the proverb ‘curiosity killed the cat’? Well, being curious about the consequences of swapping batteries could potentially cause much harm. Researchers have played around and have listed the most common outcomes in many articles.

1. Can Cause Fire Hazards

Each battery is made with a certain voltage which is suitable for the laptop. When swapping batteries, we are unaware of the differences in voltage, thus increasing the chances of fire due to over or under-charging. A fire can be dangerous! Imagine losing all your precious files overnight. An even worse instance could be a quick spread of the fire. This aspect is one of the most dangerous consequences of changing batteries and strongly prevents people from trying out the same.

2. Swapping Batteries Cannot Guarantee Best Performance

The most efficient laptop performance can only be given by the battery that was provided by manufacturer. Laptops that function with swapped batteries often die out much faster than others, meaning you will have to charge it quite often. That isn’t very fun, is it? Furthermore, laptops with swapped batteries get stuck and often lag a lot. This issue in the long run can cause laptops to experience a hardware crash.

3. Batteries Are Not Always Fully Compatible With Other Laptops

Batteries often have an allotted space in the motherboard changing batteries may not always be successful considering the different sizes of batteries. Newer models of laptops often have batteries that are much smaller than ones that were launched years back. Therefore, it is advised to use batteries that are provided by the manufacturer.

4. Incorrect Battery Usage Can Cause Damage To Laptop

It is a truth that most laptop users are not aware of the details about what makes the computer system- uninformed decisions about changing batteries can lead to damage to the laptop itself. It would start with a hardware crash, which can be repaired with some dollars, however, it might grow into problems that can stop the entire system from working. After all, the battery provides power to the laptop. It has often happened that batteries don’t give power to laptops to switch on and boot- thus making the device unusable.


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