Top 3 SuperBoxes of 2022


SuperBoxes are the android TV boxes introduced by the SuperBox media technology in 2015. SuperBox Tech is a China-based company that provides advanced cabling experience in China and worldwide.

Since its introduction, the company has had a range of different SuperBoxes models with a superbox channel list unlimited with user-friendly packages. When is the whole world dived into the innovation of SuperBoxes? Why are you not in the users?

Here we have combined a list of the top 5 SuperBoxes of 2022 that you can do this year. So, if you are interested in unlimited enjoyment, let’s get started!

1. SuperBox Elite 2

If you are thinking about updating your SuperBox, the SuperBox elite 2 can be your desired box. The SuperBox elite 2 comes up this year in 2022 with some amazing features that you will not get in any previous models.

The SuperBox elite 2 has a 100% aluminum alloy design that prevents the device from heating up even after continuous usage. It’s one of the most powerful streaming boxes, with 60% more speed than any other SuperBox. The device has 2T2R Wireless WiFi technology that ensures the stable and fastest network connection.


  • 4 Exclusive premium apps Blue TV, Channel UP, Elite TV, Elite TV 2.0
  • Voice command Bluetooth technology
  • 4GM RAM 64 GB memory
  • More than 1000 channels and 20,000 media extraction means
  • Best adult porn
  • One year warranty

2. SuperBox S3 Pro

The SuperBox S3 pro comes with wireless 2T2R WiFi technologies that provide 2G to 5G fastest networks. It is among the highly demanding SuperBoxes of 2022 because of its convenient features, unlimited options, and interference configurations.

This SuperBox has featured the voice control remote system for quick and easy accessibility. Just like the SuperBox elite, the S3 pro also supports unlimited TV series and film resources from all over the globe.

If you want to take your cable to the next level at low cost than Superbox Elite, the S3 pro can be an ideal option for your 6k android TV.


  • Easy installation and controlling system
  • More than 20000 media resources and 1000 channels
  • 2GB RAM + 32 GB storage
  • Ultra-high definition

3. SuperBox S2 Pro

SuperBox S2 pro is a much cheaper option than the above two in the list, with many useful features that will amazingly change your local cable into a fast and unlimited connection. The SuperBox S2 pro provides about 40% fast speed than the S1 and previous models.

S2 pro was launched in 2020, but it’s still meeting the requirements of many users with 2T2R dual band WiFi, >1300 channels, and 20 thousand media resources from all over the world with a noticeable price difference.


  • 7 days playback with the same number of channels as s3 and superbox elite
  • 2GB RAM + 16 GB storage
  • 6k ultra high definition
  • Remote control system
  • One year warranty


Our list contains the products based on the user’s choice and the SuperBox quality. Whether you will choose the S2 pro or SuperBox elite, you will enjoy the smooth and fast cabling time but with different storage and RAM. So, carefully choose an option based on your requirements and budget.

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